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Repost – Should you use ChatGPT to apply for jobs? Here’s what recruiters say.

Brown says it helps to think about ChatGPT as creating a template, which she recommends for anyone looking for a new job. “I think it takes some of the pressure off job seekers’ panic and anxiety about creating cover letters for every single job they apply to,” says Brown.

Repost – Forbes HR Council Expert Panel: Looking For A Job? Here’s How To Stand Out From Your Fellow Applicants.

This excerpt was from the original post on Forbes HR Council Expert Panel on Jun 9, 2022. When you’re filling out online job applications or emailing hiring managers, it can sometimes feel like you’re sending your information out into a black hole. With so many other qualified candidates, you may not know whether or not […]
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Hiring Based on Core Values Instead of ‘Cultural Fit’: The New Frontier of Recruiting

Jeff Weiner is talks about it at conferences. Harvard Business Review online writes an article on it almost every year 2011 2012 2014 2015 Both brick & mortar and online retailers love selling books on the topic: The Cultural Fit Factor Hiring Geeks that Fit WE. HIRE. FOR. CULTURAL. FIT. Those 5 words strung together are slowly becoming […]
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The Cost of Poor Diversity Recruitment – Hiring for Qualifications and Not Just Protected Class

As I ramp up to reviewing data for an upcoming revision of the affirmative action plan document I created last summer, this article couldn’t be any more timely. In her blog, Sabrina Baker discusses the challenges of the affirmative action balancing act: hiring qualified candidates while incorporating hiring for diversity. The high level take away is this: ALWAYS HIRE THE MOST […]
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5 Secrets That a Good Recruiter Should Know

Thank you @ere and Ken Sundheim for a great article this morning. If you are a recruiter, or an HR professional that recruits as part of your job functions, you need to read: http://www.ere.net/2013/10/22/5-secrets-to-effective-recruiting/ and share it with your hiring managers, your CFO and your Board of Directors. Points 1 and 2 really resonated with me. #1 […]
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The art of the follow-up: Who and how to thank your interview team.

Good morning HR people! I have been asked to guest blog over at the Sparkah.com blog. This week’s post was about tricks and tips on how to properly close your interview process without being pushy but maintain your interview team’s engagement long after the interview process is over. Take a quick minute to check it […]
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Want a job? Write a fantastic resume and seal the deal.

Morning fellow HR friends! I was invited to guest blog over at Sparkah on the topic of recruitment and resume writing. This was a great opportunity to share my favorite tips with an entirely new audience. Check out what I wrote for them below… As unemployment rates continue to drop every month more and more professionals […]
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Is Job Hopping the New Norm?

Talent acquisition can be a very strenuous, time-consuming, frustrating yet rewarding part of Human Resources. When I think about how much time goes into engaging, speaking with, job offering and finally on-boarding new talent, I’m exhausted. The reward typically outweighs the exertion, because at the end of the day, I can take pride in recruiting […]
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Employees Referrals as Your Smoking Ace: The 3 Levels of Employee Referral Solicitations

The 3 Levels of Employee Referral Solicitations. YES!!!!!!! This is one of the best ere. net posts yet. As a former recruiter turned HR Generalist/Talent Acquisition Manager/Wearer of Many Hats at my current company (BrightScope), I live and die by top notch employee referrals. In the past 4 months, we were able to recruit 3 […]
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You Can Use Facebook at Work: A Facebook Jobs Board Would Be Big, But Obstacles Remain

A Facebook Jobs Board Would Be Big, But Obstacles Remain. This article left me inspired and motivated to start cracking away at my company’s Facebook page. Thanks Work4Labs for being so user-friendly. You can check out my handy-work at http://app.work4labs.com/job/brightscope/front-end-developer/1937206/38258991934?st=_5fqX6P6pmWalAf32SRRznpeF-g&ref=perma. This is the first of many Facebook job posts. Now all I have to do is […]
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