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Engagement is for Everyone, Even Leaders!

I recently participated in a webinar hosted by BambooHR called “Cultivating Your Workforce: A Panel Discussion on Employee Development and Growth.” My intent was to discover some fresh ideas from other HR professionals who are on a mission to increase employee engagement at their organizations but something unexpected happened during the webinar. I realized that […]
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Why it’s Important to be SMART When Setting Goals

Check out my original guest blog post on Prosky. The process of Goal Setting can be an incredibly powerful Employee Experience driver. Goal setting gives direct reports an opportunity to work with their manager to discuss what their professional future holds within the organization and connect short-term motivators with longer-term vision.  Although there are numerous […]
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Workcations: Productive Concept or Fad of the 24/7 Workweek?

Last week I was texting with a close friend who was perusing a popular job board. We’ve been chatting about what he is looking for in his next role, what types of organizations he is targeting (mission-driven vs. corporate vs. startup) and what types of benefits and employee perks were enticing. During his search, he […]
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Competitive Company Benefits & Perks: A study of companies that are winning in the war of attracting, engaging and retaining talent

Happy New Year HR friends. I hope you’re all off to a great start to 2017. Some of you may be putting the final touches on your 2017 budgets while others are reviewing opportunities to refresh your People programs. Either way, there is nothing like a new year to give us a refreshed perspective on what […]
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#PeopleOperations: The Good, the Bad, the

#PeopleOperatins: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly 2016 roundup. Cruise over 2 the blog & start your morning right #HRpro

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Roundup for People Operations (HR) in 2016

Truth time: I love trolling Inc., Forbes Tech, Harvard Business Review, Mashable and TLNT for HR-related content. There are so many new concepts or business practices driving the way that People Leaders and their teams operate. Most of the time, I’ve come across articles or opinions from subject matter experts (SME’s) that are relevant to problems I’m […]
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On the blog: A #change will do you good.

On the blog: A #change will do you good. So can a big move and a new job. #SiliconValley #hr #SanFrancisco Alexandria Brown PHR

A Change Will Do You Good

Disclaimer: I write this as I’m listening to a timely and favorite tune. I make a conscious effort not to share details of my personal life on my professional blog. Because of the events that occurred in my personal life this Spring, I was met with the great opportunity to shake up my professional life with an incredible […]
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Do you have an outcomes-focused #culture

Do you have an outcomes-focused #culture? Does your team pride itself on sense of #urgency? Scope John P. Kotter and

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