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AMA: What’s it like to transition from a large company to a smaller or mid-size company in your career? What was the push back you faced, and how did you overcome the bias from your “big company” experience for startup environments?

Andrew Johnson, the leader of the HR-in-Transition networking group that I’m a member of, posed a thought-provoking question to our group following a session where many members shared their struggle to move from large, Fortune 500 companies to small startups. Andrew’s call to action was for members of our network to share their organization transitions with the […]
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Repost – HR Execs Offer 10 Methods For Diving Deep Into Employee Engagement Levels

Every leader should frequently engage in an active-listening tour where they can also ask their employees open-ended, probing questions. Doing so signifies to the team that leaders are interested in their opinions and are excited about implementing changes that increase their engagement. Increase trust and engagement by asking for their help in creating change. When employees feel that management leaders are invested in their opinions and perspectives, they become more engaged. – Alexandria Brown, The HR Hacker

Repost – Should you use ChatGPT to apply for jobs? Here’s what recruiters say.

Brown says it helps to think about ChatGPT as creating a template, which she recommends for anyone looking for a new job. “I think it takes some of the pressure off job seekers’ panic and anxiety about creating cover letters for every single job they apply to,” says Brown.

Repost – The New York Times: How to Ask for a Raise, Without Alienating Your Boss Along the Way

To do this, don’t just describe the employee you’ve been, but the employee you plan to be, said Alexandria Brown, a human resources consultant and founder of The HR Hacker, who has been involved with hundreds of hires over her career. She advises that right before you head into performance reviews, you give your boss a heads up that you want to talk about your career. Then, come to the meeting not only with a list of your contributions, but also a plan for what you want to work on over the next year.

Engagement is for Everyone, Even Leaders!

I recently participated in a webinar hosted by BambooHR called “Cultivating Your Workforce: A Panel Discussion on Employee Development and Growth.” My intent was to discover some fresh ideas from other HR professionals who are on a mission to increase employee engagement at their organizations but something unexpected happened during the webinar. I realized that […]
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Quick recap – 2014 SHRM Employment Law and Legislative Conference

Last week was a whirlwind of Human Resources productivity. I attended my first national SHRM event in Washington DC and met some amazing HR professionals from all over the country. I wanted to share a super quick recap on the conference with you. We had an incredible list of guest speakers: 1) Michael Aitken, VP […]
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5 Signs Your Organization Is Bleeding Talent

5 Signs Your Organization Is Bleeding Talent – great article from @ErnieTamayo Ouch! Is your organization bleeding talent? This was a timely read for me personally as my organization just finished its Employee Satisfaction Survey and I have started discussing results with managers. I can’t wait to to work with them on some creative and cost-effective […]
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The Smoke and Mirrors of Job Descriptions

The Smoke and Mirrors of Job Descriptions. Love this article. At a time where one of my focuses is working on career development for a specific department for my current employer, I found this article incredibly relevant and validation that I am ont he right track in my strategic approach. I am currently in the […]
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