Job Seeker Solutions

By leveraging over 10 years of recruitment experience, I specialize in offering the services below to individuals looking to make an immediate impact on their job search:

Active Job Seeker Branding
I provide customized recruitment and job seeker brand management solutions for those looking to land their dream job. Creating customized resumes and cover letters that are specific to the job you want are a surefire way to capture the attention of corporate recruiters and engage your hiring audience. With a background in corporate recruitment, my one-on-one pre-interview coaching sessions are guaranteed to help you get ace any interview and cruise past those interview question curve balls.

Social Media Branding
Take your active job search to the next level by leveraging social media to brand yourself as an Employee of Choice. Let me show you how a professionally focused Twitter account can increase your job seeker presence by 300%. Do you have LinkedIn profile? Want to know why you only have 20 page views over a 90 day period and I have over 200? Let me trick out your LinkedIn profile to get you NOTICED by your dream employer.

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