My name is Alexandria Brown and I am currently living in San Francisco, by way of San Diego, California. I am a global People Team leader with all kinds of great experience under my belt. You can find out more by visiting my LinkedIn profile: www.linkedin.com/in/alexandriabrownhr/

I am a People Experience visionary and thought leader, program manager, and inspiration officer with 15 years of experience providing consultative business partnership to organizations. An experienced human resource strategist, I thrive in an Agile, dynamic work environment. I champion organizational missions, values, and diversity & inclusion and integrate them into the practice of People Operations/HR, Candidate Experience (CX), and Employee Experience (EX). I’m also a bit of #datanerd and tech geek.

I have tenured experience working with startups, private and public companies, and M&A events.

My brand is
– To lead with emotional intelligence and empathy.
– To coach with radical candor. I believe in being kind and clear.
– To plan strategically and execute tactically; I think with short and long-term objectives in mind.
– To provide a center of excellence around the People function.

Because we spend about 50-60% of our waking hours working, thinking about work, educating ourselves further to become more successful at work, loving your career is so important. I believe that it is important to be at peace with ourselves regarding our occupations. For so many of us, we define our happiness and personal achievements around our professional success. That being said, we must be at peace with what we do and who we are to truly achieve the successes that we desire.

I will leave you with this thought: “Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.” – Buddha


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