HR Solutions

By leveraging my years of human resources experience and consultative services, I specialize in providing the following services to organizations:

Talent Acquisition

Let me partner with you to improve your existing talent acquisition initiatives, interview processes and reduce your overall hiring expenditures. I will work with you to implement short term hiring fixes and create long term solutions by normalizing the recruitment process, implementing technical solutions that streamline and organize your applicant pool data and integrating best practices to keep your applicants engaged from the beginning to the end of the recruitment cycle. 


Performance Management Systems
I specialize in helping small companies and growing organizations in integrating performance management systems that are custom tailored to your company’s culture and workforce. I offer customized design, implementation and analysis of your organization’s performance management system as well as provide comprehensive training to executives and managers on making your performance management system work efficiently, spotlighting and developing your high potential employees and turning poor performers into valuable performers.


Employee Engagement and Employee Recognition Programs
I will partner with your executives and senior managers to help your team develop a plan to engage the minds and hearts of your employees as well as keep retention and productivity numbers high. I can create innovative, out-of-the-box, fun ways recognize and incentivize your employees for their great contributions to the continued success of your organization.


Health Benefits Programs
Let’s be honest, creating a benefits package from scratch for your team can be confusing, costly and extremely time consuming. Why not let a benefits pro help you create, implement and administer a customized health benefits program that will meet your short and long term growth strategies? From recommending a benefits broker and insurance carrier, to choosing the health plans that best fit your employee population, to crafting a impactful way to communicate your benefits offerings to your employees, I am here to help.


Wellness Programs
Do you consider your organization disruptive, innovative and forward thinking? If so, your total benefits package needs to mirror your cultural image. The most progressive companies are paving the way of the future of benefits by institution comprehensive, outcomes-based employee wellness programs into their health and benefits offerings. If you are looking to lower your health care costs, reduce absenteeism, achieve higher employee productivity and create an fun and engaging way increase employee morale and collaboration, talk to me about designing a customized wellness program for your team.

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