Repost – Forbes HR Council Expert Panel: Looking For A Job? Here’s How To Stand Out From Your Fellow Applicants.

This excerpt was from the original post on Forbes HR Council Expert Panel on Jun 9, 2022.

When you’re filling out online job applications or emailing hiring managers, it can sometimes feel like you’re sending your information out into a black hole. With so many other qualified candidates, you may not know whether or not you’ll hear back from anyone. However, you can improve your chances with the right strategies.

There are plenty of ways to stand out during the job search and interview process, from asking the right questions to researching the company culture. To help, 15 members of Forbes Human Resources Council share their tips for putting your best foot forward as a job applicant.

Review The Company’s Mission

Take the time to review the company’s mission and vision or core values and speak to your alignment with those practices during your interviews. Where it makes sense, you might want to weave your targeted company’s mission, vision, or values into your resume as it aligns with your past performance outcomes or areas of responsibility. – Alexandria Brown

Read the rest of the article here.

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