Is Job Hopping the New Norm?

Talent acquisition can be a very strenuous, time-consuming, frustrating yet rewarding part of Human Resources. When I think about how much time goes into engaging, speaking with, job offering and finally on-boarding new talent, I’m exhausted. The reward typically outweighs the exertion, because at the end of the day, I can take pride in recruiting someone that may make an incredible impact within my organization. But how do you deal that high potential hire that you spent months courting and finally on-boarding that has stellar work performance for a few months with the organization and has been identified as a star-on-the-rise and then… they quit?!?!

While a scenario such as this can be disappointing and frustrating, I come from a mindset that having a good defense is the best offense: Know your audience; be prepared and aware that the job hopper mentality may be the “New Normal” for the younger generation of workers. Check out this article from Forbes magazine on how to be an effective and prepared HR business partner when it comes to job hopping.

How do you prepare for and control your turnover rates with Millenial workers? Do you think that turnover within the younger generation is a direct effect of the nature of the work the new hire is conducting, the company’s organizational culture, the work environment or a combination of those things? Or do we simply chalk up job hopping to a spirited young person who is looking to test drive a few different occupations or organizations before finally settling down into a job and company that they love?



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