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The countdown2 relaxation is on. http://

The countdown2 relaxation is on. This will be my first DNC vacation in 4 years. #imonaboat #hammocktime #fambam #R&R

Love to see #hackers doing good in the #

Love to see #hackers doing good in the #techcommunity | #DDoS Thx @sgtbilko420 4 fighting the good fight #TangoDown

Yes!!!!!! Chief Happiness Officer is bec

Yes!!!!!! Chief Happiness Officer is becoming a must-have for many tech agencies via @GetSwitch #HRpro #HRLove #CHO

If you’re an attorney in #California, c

If you’re an attorney in #California, check out Internet Marketing Fiduciaries (IMF) Kuddos to @danweeks & team.

This girl is officially certified! http:

This girl is officially certified! #CWPC #certified #wellnessprogram #wellnessatwork #fitfam thx @BarneyandBarney

#CWPC Certification Update!

If you are thinking about creating a wellness program at your worksite, or just want to be better educated in the world of wellness, check this out!

YES!!! A more efficient way to share ref

YES!!! A more efficient way to share referrals on your team? Sign me up @LinkedIn.#talentacquisition #recruitment

The New F Word

F word.     F bomb.     F this.     F that. I’m sure that by now you are freaking out, thinking that this post is somehow going to be about the mother of all F words. Nope,  you’re not even close.  I’m talking about feelings. Specifically, the feelings of those in your workforce. Ask yourself, can you confidently provide […]
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New Year, New Money: What to do with that extra money you going into 2015

Disclaimer – I wrote this at the beginning of January to be posted on my employer’s blog during that first month of 2015, but someone dropped the ball and didn’t get this on the site until March… You’ll notice that this post is topical and was intended to be read during the first few weeks […]
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Bigger is Better | @BrightScope releases

Bigger is Better | @BrightScope releases it’s 30 best billion dollar plan list #dataexcitesus #401ks @BScopeTalent