Employer policies to come under increased scrutiny in 2013 (San Diego Daily Transcript)

What a way to start the new year off with a bang! I was asked to attend an HR Roundtable on behalf of the organization I work for. While I was a bit nervous, I was indefinitely excited to meet with other prominent HR professionals and business leaders in the San Diego region and get hear their insight as to how human resources would be impacted by new state laws in 2013. I was so fortunate to be able to hold court with such an intelligent, dynamic and forward-thinking group of individuals and was even more excited that I was quoted in local press!

My quote on social media in the work place is in The Daily Transcript! Check it out:

“We view social media as a recruiting tool,” said Alexandria Brown, a human resources specialist with San Diego-based Brightscope, a financial information company. “Because our company’s mission is to be open and transparent, it’s built into our culture that we can use these things in an intelligent way to better the company, to market our business.” via Employer policies to come under increased scrutiny in 2013 (San Diego Daily Transcript).

How will your organizations be impacted to changes in state law this year? Have you devised a strategic plan of action of how to tackle issues related to human resources and shared them with your executive team? If you haven’t started planning, now is the time to take action.



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