Employees Referrals as Your Smoking Ace: The 3 Levels of Employee Referral Solicitations

The 3 Levels of Employee Referral Solicitations.

YES!!!!!!! This is one of the best ere. net posts yet. As a former recruiter turned HR Generalist/Talent Acquisition Manager/Wearer of Many Hats at my current company (BrightScope), I live and die by top notch employee referrals. In the past 4 months, we were able to recruit 3 amazing and talented individuals who have quickly become key members of our team. Because my company is a start-up and our recruiting budget is tight, lean and mean, we are consistently pushing the envelope with new ideas of how to search for, and on-boar,d new talent in a small and competitive industry/market.

I don’t want to give away all of our patented recruiting trade secrets, but I will share this: Recruiting doesn’t stop at LinkedIn stalking and all-encompassing regional job fairs! You need to get creative, innovative, forward-thinking and fun if you want to ATTRACT those that are creative, innovative, forward-thinking and fun. It’s a simple concept, yet at most organizations I have worked for in the past, the idea of thinking outside of the box in regards to new recruiting tactics was always shot down, ignored, suppressed or mocked for being non-traditional. I am so in love with the fact that BrightScope is innovative in the way we attack many complex issues and I appreciate a work environment where the ideology that great ideas can come from anyone and those ideas are valued by everyone.

What are your most successful out-of-the-box recruiting practices? If you don’t have any, what are a few ideas that you have always wanted to try, but have never had the guts to suggest? It’s almost 2013! Make a resolution to get creative in your recruiting practices for the upcoming year.


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