Social Media-Talent Acquistion’s Secret Weapon: Recruiting Leaders Say Social Media Influences Their Hires

Recruiting Leaders Say Social Media Influences Their Hires.

Another great article from @ere_net with help from CareerXroads! As a recruiter, I hear from everyone, candidates, hiring managers, executives and fellow HR professionals, that LinkedIn has done wonders for them in regards to their recruiting intiatives! This makes me ecstatic! As someone born into the tech/social media craze, I can certainly appreciate when all kinds of occupational professionals see the importance in implementing social media into their recruiting channels.

Using social media isn’t just a legitimate way to waste time talking to your friends on Facebook or #hashtag-ing your favorite celebrity-it’s a way to connect with people that are outside your physical network but that you would like to include in your social network. I can’t tell you how many of my followers of @ABrownHR that I wouldn’t have been able to connect with WITHOUT joining the Twitter-verse. Now I have networking buddies that live all over the world and work for all kinds of companies. We share HR and Employee Relations best practices and I can learn what they are doing as leaders in their companies.

LinkedIn, social media and recruiting-that is an entirely different blog that I could hundreds of words to expressing how much I love, love love #LinkedIn.

People-check out this article! It’s a great read.


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