What’s on your Brag Rag? 5 Kinds of Stories to Tell During Onboarding

5 Kinds of Stories to Tell During Onboarding.

Thanks @ere_net for another relevant and current recruiting article. I fully stand behind the idea of sharing pride stories in my recruitment process.

At my current company, we recruit 1-2 marketing specialists each year. I love to “brag” about how incredible the Director of Sales and Marketing is regarding his vision for the company, his involvement with all levels of employees and the way he fosters an environment of learning within his department. I also love that he has a “try anything” attitude. He is very open about trying all sorts of employee suggestions that will aid to the success of our company. If something is tried and it fails-hey, it was a learning experience. If something is tried and it SUCCEEDS he gives company-wide credit to the employee with the great idea!

Not only do I find it extremely enjoyable to work as a recruiting partner with our Director of Sales and Marketing, but I love to share this story with potential marketing new hires. It makes it easy to “sell the position”.

What is your go-to success story?


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