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Deja Vu: I was recruited to my startup using these tactics! Powerful Recruiting Approaches for Startup Firms

Powerful Recruiting Approaches for Startup Firms. This article by Michael Glenn was an awesomely relevant and specifically targeted article for recruitment best practices within a startup. Typically I don’t use the word “awesome” in my analysis of an article, but, there was no other word that could convey my enthusiasm behind this article. If you […]
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So you’re saying that we’re all out of luck: 2 Things You Should Know About the Skills Shortage

2 Things You Should Know About the Skills Shortage. Good morning fellow bloggers and HR pros! I’m finally back in the blogosphere after a few weeks of quiet and calm (you can thank a new job and the last few weeks of my HR certificate program for the absence). I woke up this morning, squeezed […]
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Talent Re-Defined: Advice and How-To’s “Are You Hiring Deciders, or Drifters?” Thanks ere for this article. It just qualifies a few of the characteristics that I think truly shine in the most talented individuals within my current and past organizations. In a time where many organizations are changing-some organizations are losing talented, valued employees to competitors and others are growing and recruiting round the clock, […]
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Where did all the jobs go????

I was having a nice little Friday afternoon-until I read this article!  Ouch!  (thanks ha!) Jobs growth has decreased in the month of March. hat I personally think has contributed to the decrease is the fact that the holiday seasons are over. There was a huge increase in job openings in the retail and hotel/restaurant sectors […]
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You want me to read what? A Newspaper?!?! What’s that???: Print Help Wanteds: Going, Going, Almost Gone

Print Help Wanteds: Going, Going, Almost Gone. Newspapers post “jobs wanted” ads?!?!?!?! If you are a Millenial like me, chances are that you NEVER read the newspaper. And why would you? I don’t even like the feel of newspaper on my fingertips, let alone enjoy the ink rubbing from the pages onto my fingertips and […]
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Building Your Employment Brand: Integrating Common Marketing Strategies Into Your Recruiting Strategy

Original article posted from @ere_net  at HR professionals are not typically knows as “Marketing Gurus” but in the era of social recruiting, mobile ATS Android platforms and #twesumes, we have begun to evolve our skills to fit the new job-seeker market. Morgan mentions in her article that there are 5 ways that employers can build […]
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Hiring-Veterans Welcome Great article-but there are definitely some key points that this writer needs to understand. I think that providing a resume that reflects your skills in a manner that is similar to the job you are applying for makes things much easier for a recruiter. I might review over 80 resumes for just one position […]
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Become a Rockstar Interviewer: The 2-Question Performance-based Interview, Part 1

The 2-Question Performance-based Interview, Part 1. This is a great exercise for both recruiters and job seekers to practice.  SMART questions can often be used as  follow-up questions  to competency based questions. Once you identify if the interviewer has the competency to perform an essential job duty, you can knock out the behaviors behind those […]
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Cha-Ching. I know what I’ll be doing next Wednesday. How about you? How To Recruit With Video

How To Recruit With Video. So doing this!!! Have you RVSP’d yet??? Don’t wait! I am soooo excited. Namaste  

Can You Get an Elephant Into a Refrigerator?

Can You Get an Elephant Into a Refrigerator?. How did I miss this posting??? My favorite off-the-wall interview question is: How many golf balls do you think you can fit into this (interview/conference) room? What’s your favorite curve-ball producing interview questions?   Namaste