Where did all the jobs go????

I was having a nice little Friday afternoon-until I read this article! http://www.ere.net/2012/04/06/march-jobs-gains-are-smallest-in-months/#more-24799  Ouch!  (thanks @ere.net ha!) Jobs growth has decreased in the month of March.

hat I personally think has contributed to the decrease is the fact that the holiday seasons are over. There was a huge increase in job openings in the retail and hotel/restaurant sectors from October to January. Once we got through the holiday craze, quietly crept through Valentine’s Day, retail and hotel/restaurant sectors stopped adding full and part time employees to their staff. In fact, many people I know that had full time employment jobs in those sectors, we reduced to part-time hours, or even worse, their positions were terminated.

While we knew that the economy was bound to soften eventually, as the same issues affecting our economy from 2009-2011 are still rampant (lowered GDP, termination of government employees, home-owners not being able to re-mortgage or re-finance their upside-down properties, an influx of first-time job seekers entering the workforce without employment secured and a slew of other depressing factors that I’m not even going to get into), I think that economists were a bit overzealous to say that the economy would be significantly picking up in 2012. As a country, we have still not been focusing on the root of the issue, which is creating jobs via any means that we can. While I can’t blame myself personally for this (I still contribute to the retail and restaurant sector and my company has continually been employing new hires since April 2010), I can say that those at fault (cough, cough Congress) need to get it together and start creating solutions for the mess we are in.

Side note-while the economy has been adding fewer jobs, I have seen a rise in the amount of recruitment opportunities available to me and my friends and colleagues. Are the tides changing for active job seekers? I have had more traffic on my LinkedIn account, my HR blog, my HR Twitter and more interviews since January 2012 than I have had since starting my job search in late 2010! I find this shocking considering the current state of our economy.

What are your thoughts on how recruitment and employee retention has been affected since January 2012?

Enjoy the weekend comrades!


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