Practice What You Preach: Salary Negotiation Tips: Let the Employer Make the First Salary Offer | TheLadders

Salary Negotiation Tips: Let the Employer Make the First Salary Offer | TheLadders.

I definitely needed to read this article this week! As a consultant, I often coach my clients on their negotiations skills, especially in regards to negotiating pay once a job offer is extended. For some reason, I have the hardest time “playing ball” when it comes to negotiating my own job offers. I used to think it was because I thought that all employers would be fair and equitable when it came to offering me a salary. I am a hard worker, I show initiative and innovation when it comes to strategic planning and I am dedicated to finishing projects on-time, with accuracy and on-budget. I have since learned my lesson (by essentially getting low-balled by a previous employer)! If an employer can pay you the Minimum salary and expect you to put in the Maximum amount of work, they have just made an incredible investment.

Jack’s tip of letting a potential future employer throw out a number to you first can be very helpful if there is a huge gap between the minimum and maximum salary range. I know someone who is interviewing for a position where the pay ranges from $33,000 to $55,000! That is a significant amount of greenbacks to be left on the table, should the candidate choose to under-sell themselves during the interview and negotiation process! If you find yourself in a standoff-where the employer is pressuring you to divulge your offer BEFORE they make theirs, aim high. There is nothing wrong with asking for $8,000 more than you want to make and having the employer talk to you down a few thousand dollars. You can always fall back to value (both monetary and experience wise) that you know you will bring to the organization and make those your standing points during the negotiation period.

What are some of your best practices when it comes to salary negotiations?


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