Finally: A Green Light to Hate the People You Work With: How To Hate A Coworker More Effectively

Hello friends, fellow bloggers and HR professionals! It’s been a minute since I have posted on my blog! I have been incredibly busy the past few weeks running multiple recruiting initiatives for my company. I finally had a free moment to catch up on some Recruiting/HR reading and look at the little gem of an article from Manage Better Now I stumbled across! Enjoy…

How To Hate A Coworker More Effectively.

Great article from @ManageBetterNow ! I work for a small company and tolerate about 98% of my co-workers. There are a few in particular that I have identified in the “I dislike my co-workers” category. I have definitely identified why I dislike these individuals so much-THEY HAVE TERRIBLE WORK ETHIC!!!!

While the lack of work ethic may seem like a problem that stems from, let’s call them Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, the root of my dislike for them actually comes from me. I have always been the type of person who is driven and self-motivated in both my personal and professional life. The reason that I dislike the Tweedles so much, is because I find it challenging to work hard while others sit back, relax and collect a pay check. My hatred for the Tweedles, or should I say, my hatred for their poor work ethic, is not something that can be fixed over night. I also understand that the Tweedles are not the only people to blame in regards to their lack of focus and work ethic. On a larger scale, it stems from poor management and supervision from the person they directly report to. Why should Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum work hard if their manager doesn’t demand it from them? If they can skate by on simply showing up to the job and doing the bare minimum when it comes their work projects , where is the motivation to DO and BE better? Simply put-there is no motivation to achieve success and work hard. I blame their manager for an overall lack of guidance and sense of employee development.

The real root of the issue is that it is hard for me to work on a team where I feel like I contribute 100% and others max out their professional efforts at around 48%. This is something that may inevitably occur in any work environment so sometimes I have to check myself by reminding myself to not concern myself with the work of others and focus my energy on my own successes and accomplishments within the work place. The more that I focus on the quality of work that I complete and ultimately leaving a legacy of professionalism, hard work and a history of being a recruiter of top talent, the more successful I will be in my career.

Lesson learned: I don’t HATE my co-workers. I may dislike the way they work, or lack of work ethic, but they aren’t bad people-they just aren’t challenged to be better workers. We all have our flaws in the work environment. The biggest challenge is learning how to acclimate yourself to a challenging work environment that won’t hinder your success.

What are your work environment-hot button issues????


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