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Repost – The New York Times: How to Ask for a Raise, Without Alienating Your Boss Along the Way

To do this, don’t just describe the employee you’ve been, but the employee you plan to be, said Alexandria Brown, a human resources consultant and founder of The HR Hacker, who has been involved with hundreds of hires over her career. She advises that right before you head into performance reviews, you give your boss a heads up that you want to talk about your career. Then, come to the meeting not only with a list of your contributions, but also a plan for what you want to work on over the next year.

Strategic HR – What does this mean for you inside your organization?

In many organizations, HR has to push, shove and crawl their way up to gain a seat at the proverbial executive table. This is, in part, due to the fact that HR is a function that takes more time to show the ROI of its accomplishments. We aren’t the team that will close a $1 […]
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The Smoke and Mirrors of Job Descriptions

The Smoke and Mirrors of Job Descriptions. Love this article. At a time where one of my focuses is working on career development for a specific department for my current employer, I found this article incredibly relevant and validation that I am ont he right track in my strategic approach. I am currently in the […]
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Finally: A Green Light to Hate the People You Work With: How To Hate A Coworker More Effectively

Hello friends, fellow bloggers and HR professionals! It’s been a minute since I have posted on my blog! I have been incredibly busy the past few weeks running multiple recruiting initiatives for my company. I finally had a free moment to catch up on some Recruiting/HR reading and look at the little gem of an […]
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Succession Planning and Career Development

http://www.ere.net/2012/03/13/unless-no-one-gets-sick-quits-or-dies-a-plans-in-order I almost fell out of my chair while I was reading this article this morning. I was literally just having a conversation with my organization’s hiring managers about this very topic late last week. I find it incredibly detrimental to the success and growth of a company when hiring managers and/or Sr. Managers fail […]
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