Deja Vu: I was recruited to my startup using these tactics! Powerful Recruiting Approaches for Startup Firms

Powerful Recruiting Approaches for Startup Firms.

This article by Michael Glenn was an awesomely relevant and specifically targeted article for recruitment best practices within a startup. Typically I don’t use the word “awesome” in my analysis of an article, but, there was no other word that could convey my enthusiasm behind this article. If you work at a startup organization and haven’t found your best used recruitment resources and tricks, it’s time to try some of the recruiting approaches on this list. As someone that was recruited to come work at a startup, I can say that these tactics WORK!

One of the main reasons that I was so intent on working for a startup organization was because most startups tend to attract candidates that are entrepreneurial in spirit, love taking risks and thrive in a cohesive team environment. I personally love the idea of really being a part of something big, much bigger than me, and doing meaningful work that is important and impacts others in a positive way. When I had my first interview with the COO at my new organization, BrightScope, Inc., the COO did an excellent job explaining the overall objective of the organization (to provide transparency to retirement plans and wealth management to the public)  and that the work that the organization was doing was making a definite impact on the industry. As I had already done my research on BrightScope, I knew that the organization was making an imprint on the financial industry, and that was somethingI knew I had to be a part of.

Another approach that works in my organization’s favor is that we have a strong online presence. Just try Googling “BrightScope” or “Mike Alfred” (our CEO) and see what pops up! I was able to fully research my company before I had my first interview, which allowed me to ask relevant questions related to the position I was interviewing for. Our COO also did a stellar job of writing eye-catching job postings, which is the final reason that I applied to work @BrightScope. So many organizations in San Diego were hiring for an HR Specialist or HR Generalist or HR Coordinator, but the first few lines of the job posting really captured my attention and pushed me to apply.

Glenn’s list of recruiting approaches for startups works!!! Thanks for another great article


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