No-Recruit Agreements are Just Nonsensical: 25 Ways That “No-recruit” Secret Agreements Can Damage Your Firm

25 Ways That “No-recruit” Secret Agreements Can Damage Your Firm.

I absolutely agree with the section regarding how secret agreements will effect your talent acquisition team: “The best recruiters won’t want to work for you – the very best recruiters know about these agreements and most of the best dislike the thought of recruiting with their “hands tied.” And with fewer top firms to target, you will likely need superior recruiters in order to bring in the best.”

As a corporate recruiter, I find it difficult when hiring managers are skeptical about bringing in talent from competing companies. It’s hard enough to recruit with a list of 15 core competencies, 10 non-negotiable skills and x amount of work experience that are MUST-HAVES for recruits, but then the idea that if you find a candidate that meets all your requirements but you can’t recruit them because they work at a competing company just kills me.

In my opinion, No-Recruit Agreements are just a silly as Non-Compete Agreements. In the end, you are basically telling your employees that you have the ability to dictate every career move they make for the next 3-5 years or that they will be punished for seeking employment at a company that may just be a better fit for them. Unhappy employees don’t produce. Employees that feel that they are not appreciated don’t produce.  Employees that feel that your internal values don’t reflect your external practices, don’t produce.

Bottom line-if you’re employees aren’t “drinking the company kool-aid,” they aren’t engaged. The best way to retain key employees to ensure that they feel appreciated for their contributions. Appreciation can stem from compensation packages, company rewards, employee recognition or even a verbal “thank you for a job well done” conversation.  Secrets breed distrust and distrust breeds an increase in turnover.


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