170k New Private Jobs In January, Says ADP-That’s great, but what are the job titles being added?

170k New Private Jobs In January, Says ADP.

These type or articles are a double edged sword to me. I love to see that our economy is adding jobs and not cutting them, but I feel like jobs are not being added within the functions of HR. I see a million job posts for nurses, software engineers and retail, but not a lot in HR.

I would love to see a break down of what jobs are specifically being added each quarter and where these jobs are located. If they are hiring for an HR Generalist with 1-3 years of experience in the bay area, I’m so there. If they are only hiring HR professionals part-time or contract and the jobs are located in Kentucky, I’ll pass. I’m not one for intense humidity.

What types of positions are your companies hiring for?


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