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Repost – The New York Times: How to Ask for a Raise, Without Alienating Your Boss Along the Way

To do this, don’t just describe the employee you’ve been, but the employee you plan to be, said Alexandria Brown, a human resources consultant and founder of The HR Hacker, who has been involved with hundreds of hires over her career. She advises that right before you head into performance reviews, you give your boss a heads up that you want to talk about your career. Then, come to the meeting not only with a list of your contributions, but also a plan for what you want to work on over the next year.

Compensating Coders – New Data Helping Software HR Pros Pay Their Programmers

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5 Secrets That a Good Recruiter Should Know

Thank you @ere and Ken Sundheim for a great article this morning. If you are a recruiter, or an HR professional that recruits as part of your job functions, you need to read: http://www.ere.net/2013/10/22/5-secrets-to-effective-recruiting/ and share it with your hiring managers, your CFO and your Board of Directors. Points 1 and 2 really resonated with me. #1 […]
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