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How to Successfully Implement a Succession Plan in a Recovering Economy

Alexandria Brown http://www.ere.net/webinars/succession-planning.asp In the ere.net hosted webinar “Succession Planning: Why It’s Important as the Economy Recovers,” hosts Tony Kubica and Sara LaForest discuss the importance of implementing a strong succession planning process in your organization during the economic recovery. Kubica and LaForest identify that while the economy is recovering, we are seeing an increase […]
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Setting Realistic Goals

Goal setting is important both professionally and personally. This was a great article from Manage Better Now. http://managebetternow.com/2012/04/08/the-value-of-not-pursuing-goals/ I agree with the blogger that setting your goals, committing them to paper and then putting that paper some place that you frequently look at makes you more inclined to constantly be working on achieving those goals. What […]
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