Influence. Do you have it yet? Let’s find out, shall we?

In the first installment of Buliding Influence as an HR leader, we see how the HR team can highlight their unique value to the chief officer team by increasing revenue, decreasing debt and avoiding future catastrophe. Now let’s dive in a little deeper and discuss how CREDIBILITY also plays an integral role in gaining influence in Human Resources.

Credibility; cred·i·bil·i·ty  – pronounced kredəˈbilitē is defined as “the quality of being trusted and believed in.” So what does credibility mean in the capacity of providing HR leadership to your organization? And what does credibility mean in the capacity of gaining influence with chief officers? Steven Covey describes credibility as integrity, intent and capability (both technical and leadership).

To be successful in gaining leadership, HR professionals must show that they have integrity in their business practices and decision making abilities. Think about how much integrity plays into conducting employee relations investigations or reviewing and making suggestions on compensation rates. If your employees can’t see that you insert integrity into your HR practices, practices that directly affect their growth, development and future at your company, then they won’t trust you and therefore you won’t be successful in building influence among your organization. From a senior leadership prospective, HR builds influence by showing integrity in executing strategic business objectives related to culture, policy change and organizational structuring based on the needs of the business and led by strategic vision of the senior leadership team.

How are you showing credibility and integrity to those you want to influence? Think about this during your work activities for the rest of the week.


During the third and final installment of “INFLUENCE – WHO SHOULD HAVE IT AND HOW YOU GET IT. BUILDING INFLUENCE AS AN HR LEADER” I will be discussing the four principles of influence and how to influence without authority.


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