Accountablity-now on the shoulders of your employees…What a concept!

The Brinker Decision is in!!!! For all of you geeked out HR nerds (yes, I called you a nerd, but it takes one to know one right?), you have been counting down the days for the California Supreme Court to makes its’ ruling on the Brinker Decision. Well put on your party hats-the verdict is IN!!!!,0,1069314.story

I could go into great length about my personal opinion in regards to this case, but the most overwhelmingly glaring factor in this entire case is that the CA Supreme Court is recognizing that each employee should be accountable and responsible for taking their required meal/break periods. Employees have to be accountable for their time you say?!?!!? GASP!!! What a concept??? What gets my goat is that the same employees that want to be hand-held during the process of scheduling of  and actually taking of their meal periods are the same employees who, miraculously, have decent time management skills.  As an employee, if you have the capability of time management in regards to your work-flow and submitting projects by a specific deadline, you can be responsible for making sure that you take appropriate break and meal periods.

So that’s it-no intense soap box rant about the anticipated Brinker Decision. As leaders in your organization, be sure to communicate the court’s decision to your leadership teams as well as directly to your organization’s employees and focus on the concept that they will be responsible and accountable for adhering to the required meal and break periods.


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