The Road I Traveled By: It’s been a great 10 years!

The Road I Traveled

A Minute to Reminisce

I’ve come a long way from my Junior year in college – circa 2004. I never could have predicted the road I traveled by, professionally speaking – becoming an HR Manager at a burgeoning software start-up aka one of my besotted professional aspirations. Along the way, there have been some gnarly lows and a lot incredible high points, but through the thick of it all, I’ve had a great group of people by my side. Parents, best friends, mentors, professors/instructors I’ve loved, professors/instructors I’ve loathed, life-changing managers and life-challenging bosses, every single person that I have connected with has served a purpose and helped me learn something about myself. I realize that so many of you thought the Facebook anniversary videos were cheesy, but for me, mine served as a purpose to stop and reflect on the people that have touched my life in one form or another over this last decade. Take a beat to reflect on what you’ve accomplished, been challenged with and who you have met in the past 10 years. Can you see yourself as the person you are today without your past experiences?


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