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Hiring Based on Core Values Instead of ‘Cultural Fit’: The New Frontier of Recruiting

Jeff Weiner is talks about it at conferences. Harvard Business Review online writes an article on it almost every year 2011 2012 2014 2015 Both brick & mortar and online retailers love selling books on the topic: The Cultural Fit Factor Hiring Geeks that Fit WE. HIRE. FOR. CULTURAL. FIT. Those 5 words strung together are slowly becoming […]
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The Cost of Poor Diversity Recruitment – Hiring for Qualifications and Not Just Protected Class

As I ramp up to reviewing data for an upcoming revision of the affirmative action plan document I created last summer, this article couldn’t be any more timely. In her blog, Sabrina Baker discusses the challenges of the affirmative action balancing act: hiring qualified candidates while incorporating hiring for diversity. The high level take away is this: ALWAYS HIRE THE MOST […]
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Become a Rockstar Interviewer: The 2-Question Performance-based Interview, Part 1

The 2-Question Performance-based Interview, Part 1. This is a great exercise for both recruiters and job seekers to practice.  SMART questions can often be used as  follow-up questions  to competency based questions. Once you identify if the interviewer has the competency to perform an essential job duty, you can knock out the behaviors behind those […]
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