Too Little Too Late????? “Research In Motion Soon to Launch Employment Branding Campaign”

At some point, it’s time to raise the white flag…

Research In Motion Soon to Launch Employment Branding Campaign.

As much as I love my Blackberry-I don’t think a branding campaign for RIM is a fail-safe. I’ve been noticing lately that updating software or downloading some applications that are availble on both Android and iPhones are not available in the RIM version… It’s sad to think that I will eventually be moving away from BB to an iPhone because I love the ease of emailing on my BB touchscreen, but it’s time to move forward.

 I remember that the RIM downtime in October 2011 caused an outburst of negative press towards the company and encouraged a lot of BB users to switch to a new brand of cell phone. I almost jumped on the “BlackBerry you disppoint” bandwagon at that time because 12 hours of not being able to email my clients was just unacceptable, but I decided to give RIM one more chance. With the news early this week that BOTH co-CEO’s stepped down, I think it’s added pressure to those of us that are still loyal BB supporters to give up the ghost and move to a new cell phone.

What are you thoughts? Were you a previous BlackBerry user that has since moved over to an iPhone or Android phone? 

Happy Friday!


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