Technology as a Double-Edged Sword- another great article from Our Recruiting Efficiency Hurting Our Company?

Is Our Recruiting Efficiency Hurting Our Company?.

Thanks ERE for bringing up a topic that I think is extremely relevant to today’s tech savvy recruiters. The answer to their question is simply this: Technology is a recruiter’s double-edged sword.

Recruiters who only rely on Boolean searches within their ATS systems are doing themselves a disservice. If you have an incredible candidate that possibly doesn’t have their resume worded the way that your tracking systems prefers, you never get to see their resume! Imagine how many incredible applicants that you are not even being exposed to???

I have worked with both ATS systems and old-fashioned Craigslist/Monster/CareerBuilder/Industry-specific Job Posting sites. (Isn’t it funny to think of posting an open job position on a website as old-fashioned?!?!?). From my experience, I almost prefer scanning every single resume myself. (Don’t forget, recruiters spend less than 30 seconds reading your resume!) I have found a few amazing gems in a resume submission group of hundreds, and let me tell you, they did not disappoint during their interviews with me. These amazing candidates’ resumes would not have been submitted to me if I had been using a traditional ATS system.

So… technology???? It’s a double-edged sword when it comes to efficiency. Sometimes it can really aid us in our search for qualified candidates and at other times, it can hinder our ability to reach the maximum amount of qc’s applying. Try to find a happy median in your review or applicant resumes. Spend some time perusing thru all of the submissions and also use your Boolean search options within you ATS systems.


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