The Price of Success

As I expand my horizons and eventually become a full-time HR consultant, I have decided that I am going to start providing my recruitment services to my friends and acquaintances. I have been working with my close friend on revising his resume, providing a great template for his cover letter, and helping his focus in objectives when answering questions throughout the interview process.

When I was quoting a potential new client on what I charge to revise resumes, I came up with this little gem:

“Purchasing Domain Name: $24.32

Purchasing Web-hosting Program: $117.68

Billable time spent on building my blog/website, connecting with other professionals via social media outlets, and researching companies that provide the best career advancement opportunities: $1200.00

Certificate in Human Resources Management (including parking fees, books and incidentals: $ 5,335.08

Developing myself professionally and preparing for my dream job: PRICELESS”

Yes-I just ripped off the MasterCard commercial, but I enjoyed the cleverness behind this statement.  When I think about how much time and effort I have put into advancing my career and professional opportunities, I really do ascribe to the idea that my time is priceless. I truly believe that you can’t put a price on success. If you want to become a HUGE fish in a small pond, you have to work your tail off and dedicate yourself to change.

I hope those of you who are looking for a change feel the same way.


One thought on “The Price of Success

  1. This post puts into perspective how important a hand personal development and personal initiative plays into your success. We are preached this concept almost everyday in classes but it’s true. A bachelors degree certificate isn’t enough anymore to land you your dream job, let alone ANY job. This post reinforces how important it is to be proactive about my future and that true success is priceless. I can pay for a interview coach or a new theme for my word press but networking and contribution to my blogs and websites is priceless. Being successful may take some extra time and effort outside of the classroom or work place but it is an investment in your own personal brand that will pay off in both the short and long term.


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