The Truth About Recruiters…

Great article. As a recruiter, if you are recruiting for a number of positions at the same time, and each position generates between 100 and 200 applications (and I’m being on the non-generous side here people), time management is essential. Check out this blog entry from 2010 below.

Here we are in 2012, but these concepts still apply to most recruiters. The best way to land a recruiter’s attention???? Bold your most important job functions, then write a more detailed description of how you use them in your work. Be sure to include any professional certifications and associations on your resume. Do not list your hobbies or interests-we don’t care (sorry to be harsh). Finally-have a friend or acquaintance that works as a recruiter or has been a hiring manager review your resume and share their thoughts for improvement!


Happy Job Hunting.



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